Weren't we meant to leave today?

Such is the nature of the whole sorry Brexit Saga that the British public have become accustomed to being let down by the Establishment. 29th March 2019 was meant to be the day when the UK left the EU, but unsurprisingly events have been engineered in such a manner that this deadline has been missed. The Houses of Parliament which for decades took little or no interest in the EU and EU legislation now obsesses about the EU without really knowing what it wants. The slavish devotion to the EU of the likes of the Scottish Nationalist Party seems particularly ironic, as the SNP feels no affinity or loyalty to the United Kingdom. Certain commentators talk about Brexit generating passionate views, but in truth the response of much of the Establishment, whether this be political, business or the Media, has been decidedly sclerotic in nature. So what now for Brexit? Will the UK ever be able to extricate itself from the EU's revolving door? What did Theresa May mean when she said ' Brexit means Brexit'?

Those who voted to leave the EU in the 2016 Referendum must be feeling more than a tad foolish. How naive it was of them to believe that the Government, let alone the British Establishment and the EU would ever want to expedite matters as per their instruction. Then again, there are many who routinely claim that Leave votes were duped and did not know what they were voting for. Certainly, there are legitimate reasons to fear that key Remainers are playing a long game, one calculated to break the spirit of independence of the British people to such a degree that they resign themselves to the UK being dominated by the EU in perpetuity and recant of their heresy. After all 29th March 2019 has arrived and there has been no apology from the PM and her Cabinet for failing to meet the deadline. Should we be surprised? Well, hardly. Today it looks more likely than ever that the House of Commons will cause a further delay and further uncertainty by forcing the British Government to seek a lengthy extension to Brexit. The ramifications for such a delay will be very serious indeed, the UK will be forced to take part in the scheduled European Elections in May, it will have to pay yet more tribute and no doubt be drawn in to further EU Budget rounds, and alarming of all, trust in UK politicians will have been worn perilously thin. Of course, we can expect the usual line from the Media; "it is all the fault of a few hard line Brexiteers", how very odd, especially when it is a matter of public record that a whole series of UK political parties see it as their mission to do all in their power to stop Brexit. Freedom has certainly been postponed, some seem determined to ensure that it postponed indefinitely.

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