Small Business counselling service

I provide a distinctive & high-quality consulting services at affordable cost to Small, Medium and Large organisation locally and internationally with a group of very experienced and dedicated professionals which is made up of qualified business trainers in all areas of Enterprise development, accounting, Marketing and Business Communications, who are fully committed to assist business organisations develop excellence and distinction in their respective areas.

A range of consulting services are offered to established small business owners and entrepreneurs to provide by means of special in house and an intensive two to three days counselling programme and tailored made counselling services. This small business counselling programme creates the immense opportunity to receive expert advice in the most important aspects of business and entrepreneurship and thus give the opportunity to reflect on ways in which an already successful operation can be further improved.

  1. Understanding Entrepreneurship: The counselling focuses on all aspects of starting a new business, with emphasis on the critical role of recognising and creating opportunities. Participants will be introduced to different ways of spotting opportunities, commercialisation of ideas.
  2. Entrepreneurship and Technology: Participants are introduced to different ways of enhancing their businesses performance through a proper choice of technology. Different ways of innovation (product, process and people) are played.
  3. Raising capital and Entrepreneurship Marketing: Participants will be introduced to different techniques of raising seed and growth capital from venture capital, business angels, investment banking, and commercial banking sources by paying attention to the constraints facing small firms and entrepreneurs. Participants will be introduced to modern marketing practices including:
    • Marketing Mix
    • Import and Export
    • Relation Marketing
    • Marketing on the internet.
  4. Entrepreneurial Learning organisation and HRM: This will introduce modern HRM management to the participants. The session will include:
    • Employee relations
    • Learning organisation
    • Skills assessment/Organisational needs
  5. Networking and support for a small business