Finding the Silver Lining-Family bond

These are extraordinary times; indeed, they are unprecedented times, certainly in the experience of those born since the Second World War.  The global COVID-19 pandemic has touched virtually every part of the world and has caused untold misery and suffering. Millions of lives have been disrupted and thanks to various national lockdowns and due to travel restrictions, we have found ourselves spending a lot more time at home, often with those we hold dear.

Out of the gloom has come the light of realisation, a dawning of what really matters, whether this be family and friends, some of whom we have been unable to see in person, or a new found appreciation of the wonders of the natural world. It is extraordinary how we have found ourselves reflecting on some of life’s fundamentals and treasuring the simple things, which in the normal run of life we are often take for granted. The threat of the coronavirus has forced us to slowdown, to stay at home and maybe even undertake chores that would otherwise have been neglected. Some of us have taken up DIY, others have embraced gardening, taken up a new hobby or embraced new technology with enthusiasm. This has been a time seemingly like no other, when to a degree the world’s equilibrium has been partially restored and nature has been given a chance to breath.

How wonderful it is to hear the birds sing, to see the flowers and trees come into bloom, to truly appreciate the variety of the skies that embrace our world, or on occasions to go out on short liberating walks. How healthy it has been to re-evaluate that which matters, to treasure the thought of seeing loved ones again or to take pride in cooking skills we had never really developed. Who could have thought that out of so much gloom and fear would come a whole host of positives. No one must underestimate just how traumatic this time has been for some, it will take a long time for families, communities, nations, and the world to come to terms with things. It is quite right that we should all grieve for those that have been lost or adversely affected, but equally we must not lose sight of what we have discovered about ourselves and about humanity. Our resilience, our ingenuity, our acts of kindness have often surprised, and should certainly inspire. Let us all endeavour to take what positives that we can from this time; and strive to be the better people and neighbours that we know that we can be.

Finally, it is important for all of us to be positive and exploit the opportunities whatever the situation we all are in. The change is imperative and if we do not change, we become the victims of natural selection. I am sure a new being is coming to light, while the old is passing out to darkness.

The time which will usher in another time is now here.
No longer can wait for peace or equality or
or those changes which will give sustenance to life.


  • Santosh C Sarker

    26 Jun, 2020 at 10:13 AM

    Very good article. Yes. Covid-19 pandemic has created a new pace of family life and of course, at the cost of social life. But meeting with friends virtually seens ok and this process of meeting/interaction do not leave any shortages of ingredients for fulfilment except any physical. It enhanced relationship/silver bondages while reducing the cost of travel, other essential daily sustinances and refreshing env.

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